2019 Use of the Green Mornings              to 1.30pm Afternoons 1.30pm to 6pm Evenings 6pm to Dusk
Monday Use of the Green SBC SLBC SBC
Tuesday Use of the Green SBC/SLBC League Matches SBC SBC
Wednesday Use of the Green SBC SBC/SLBC SBC/SLBC
Thursday Use of the Green SBC SLBC SBC
Friday Use of the Green SBC/SLBC League Matches SBC + Guests SBC + Guests
Saturday Use of the Green SBC + Guests SBC SBC + Guests
Sunday Use of the Green SBC/SLBC + Guests SBC/SLBC + Guests SBC/SLBC  + Guests
Date  Day 2019 Sbc Bowling Programme / SBC Social Event Start Time Winner Runner Up
15-Mar Fri Quiz Night 6.45pm
23-Mar Sat Raising  the Flag / Ramada Meal 2.15pm / 5.30pm
30-Mar Sat  SBC Doubles 1.30pm Howard Hemmings & John Spanton Steve Hemmings & Rob Anderton
14-Apr Sun Sbc Open Day 12 Noon
20-Apr Sat Easter Singles 1.30pm Keith Jones Clive Blakey
04-May Sat George Cup Pairs 1.30pm Howard Hemmings & John Spanton Steve Hemmings & Derek Oddy
15-May Wed Seniors Trophy 5.30pm David Dabner David Clarke
19-May Sun Sbc/Slbc Mixed Doubles (Sbc Host) 1.30pm
01-Jun Sat Breakfast Match / Inc Breakfast  Ramada 7am / 8.15am  Lesley Webb & Keith Jones Rob Anderton & Eddie Legg
05-Jun Wed Haines Trophy Home 5.45pm
09-Jun Sun Millennium TBA
12-Jun Wed Past Presidents Comp Postponed 5.30pm
15-Jun Sat Presidents Prize 1.30pm John Spanton & John Turner Eddie Legg & David Clarke
17-Jun Mon Slbc Invite day to Sbc Members 1.30pm
23-Jun Sun Haines Away 1.30pm
26-Jun Wed Moorpool Away  2pm Moorpool 132 SBC/SLBC 108
29-Jun Sat Fred Stanford 1pm Clive Blakey Steve Hemmings
07-Jul Sun Woodlands Away 1.30pm
10-Jul Wed WRM Night  TBA 5.45pm
17-Jul Wed SRBL away 5.30pm
21-Jul Sun Ladies Day  (SBC) / Inc Meal Ramada 1.30pm
24-Jul Wed Moorpool Home 4pm
27-Jul Sat Wooden Spoon 1.30pm
31-Jul Wed SRBL home 5.30pm
03-Aug Sat Jeff Reville Pairs 1.30pm
10-Aug Sat John Walker Doubles 1.30pm
18-Aug Sun Mixed Pairs (Sbc host ) 1.30pm
21-Aug Wed Woodlands Home 5.30pm
02-Sep Mon Sbc Finals Week 6pm
03-Sep Tue Sbc Finals Week 6pm
04-Sep Wed Sbc Finals Week 6pm
05-Sep Thu Sbc Finals Week 6pm
06-Sep Fri Sbc Finals Week 6pm
07-Sep Sat Alternate Jacks 1.30pm
14-Sep Sat Late Season Doubles 1.30pm
21-Sep Sat Autumn Mixed Doubles (Pre-Entry)  1.30pm
05-Oct Sat Lowering of the Flag / Inc Meal Ramada (Details to follow ) 1.30pm